Feasibility Studies

As a project owner, you want to make sure that your project will be viable and free from any issues or problems along the way. And to ensure that your time, money, and effort will not be wasted, our team at GHP can conduct thorough feasibility studies on your project.

Any possible doubts and issues present on a construction site can already cause significant delays to a project. With this specific service, we can help you decide whether you should proceed with the project or not. The results of our feasibility studies can also generate options and alternatives that may work with your needs. They can even help craft other documentation you may need in the future.

No matter how small or large your project is, feasibility studies should always be conducted to avoid encountering any issues in the future. Some aspects of a project that these studies cover include geologic hazards, hydrogeological conditions, and environmental impacts.

Master Planning

Buildings and structures can only last for a long time if they have been planned carefully from the very start. We, at GHP, know the importance of sustaining their lifespan. Hence, we offer master planning services so you can attain a property that is not only appealing and functional but also long-lasting.

Master planning is an essential GHP service that helps property owners secure a futureproof building or structure. The changes in the modern world can be overwhelming. With master planning, we ensure that any potential challenges involving population growth, climate change, and others are already considered in the early stages of the project. Our master planning services likewise unlock all economic, social, and environmental potential of the project.

After considering all these things, our team can subsequently craft a very detailed framework for the project. This framework would involve budget, planning regulations, sustainable design strategies, design aspects, and infrastructure and engineering approaches.

Concept Plans

Construction projects may only begin if concept plans have been created and presented to clients. Here at GHP, we can conduct all processes needed to craft detailed concept plans for our clients like you.

What is great about concept plans is they can present a wide array of project options to you before finalising any planning and budgeting activities. They can likewise lead the way in making the project more reliable, more feasible, and safer. To generate concept plans, our team gathers, assesses, and maps details about soil conditions, topography, site orientation, vegetation, parcel ownership, zoning, and other vital elements. Upon gathering these details, we incorporate them into your development goals, site conditions, and other required public works to make everything smooth.

Your project can attain the best development plan once we analyse execution risks, generate potential solutions, and assess your investment decisions.

Planning Permits

GHP does not only help craft the best route and plan for your project, but we also help make your development legitimate.

We ensure the validity of your project by securing planning permits. A planning permit is a legal document that allows us to utilise and develop your land into the proposed building or structure. It is comprised of a written document that breakdowns all conditions that must be met and achieved. It likewise has a set of plans that have been approved and finalised by all involved parties. Most applications for this legal document are sent to the local council.

Planning permits are needed when building or extending a house or a building, developing a multi-dwelling property, renovating a cultural property, and running a business from home. Other similar projects may also require planning permits to avoid hefty penalties and safety risks.

Construction Drawings

Clients can better understand the potential outcome of their properties once they have acquired the construction drawings. At GHP, we can craft construction drawings that accurately represent the graphic details and features of the project.

One main benefit of construction drawings is they can prevent delays and misunderstandings among workers. They can also provide you and other clients with a better picture of the potential outcome of your project. After all, these drawings would specify all the materials, standards, and techniques that can make them into reality. They likewise indicate the component arrangement, dimensions, detailing, and other vital elements. Some examples of construction drawings that we can provide are floor plans, elevations, detail drawings, trade drawings, and sections.

Building Permits

Many people confuse building permits with planning permits. The only thing you need to know is that building permits are provided to contractors so they can carry out the construction of a property. Planning permits, alternatively, allow contractors to utilise or develop the land.

If you want to construct a building on a property, hiring us would be a great move since we can help you secure all the necessary building permits for the project. Building permits can only be given by the local council. Without these permits, any construction or remodelling plans cannot be started and conducted. The absence of these permits will likewise pose issues with land use, zoning, and construction. The acquisition of building permits is necessary as they generally address the structural integrity of a property framework, utility lines, zoning, and fire protection.

Project Management

The success of your construction project will entirely depend on the contractor you will be hiring. Hence, opting for us at GHP can help start, finish, and maintain your project since we maximise efficient and systematic construction project management.

Our construction project management is handled and optimised by a reputable construction manager who can handle and monitor the tasks given to their team. The construction manager oversees the tasks provided to financial planners, contractors, engineers, on-the-ground crew members, and many more. They likewise maintain tight adherence to the project deadlines and schedule, allocated budget and resources, and expected construction quality of a building or structure. They ultimately provide real-time updates to clients like you, making sure that everything follows the approved plans and drawings.

The construction project management of our company ensures that all key processes are followed. These processes are project initiation, project planning, project execution, and project monitoring.