The Role of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) in Today’s Architecture

08 July 2021

In an environment restrained world, Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) is not, at this point an additional extra. We see it as a basic piece of designing superior, energy and resource-effective buildings that address the issues of owners, occupants, and the climate.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Working cooperatively with the draftsman during the beginning phases of design, we seek to boost the inherent potential for passive ecological impacts. Through the use of normal ventilation, passive solar heating, sunshine harvesting and thermal mass cooling, we can often improve building execution without increasing cost.

Harnessed adequately, designing for sunlight can supplement the building quality and character of space while significantly reducing the energy interest of electric lighting. What’s more, well day-lit environments advance inhabitant wellbeing and efficiency. Our specialist teams use sunshine modelling software to inform the design of building facades, light wells and atria.

We will likely harvest useful normal light while mitigating the conceivably hindering side effects of glare and solar warmth gain. We ensure that sunlight and electric lighting designs are integral, both in terms of energy proficiency and structural aesthetic.  Our holistic way to deal with building energy modelling is an indispensable device in developing exterior solutions that maintain design character while delivering on energy, sunlight and solace.

Building Systems Design and Integration

In designing building systems, we accept nature as our model. We simulate energy, water and waste flow as aspects of a single interrelated system. We use progressed system simulation software that provides us with superb adaptability to demonstrate and approve the presentation of any combination of energy, water and waste system technologies.

To enhance water systems, we investigate opportunities to conserve water, yet to also catch, treat and reuse this resource on location. Our analysis starts right off the bat in the design process as we search for opportunities to integrate natural water executives into the design of rain, storm and wastewater systems.

Solutions Tailored for Clients and Building Occupants

Our solutions combine a business approach, specialized greatness and imaginative thinking. They are custom-made to our clients’ exceptional objectives, bearing in mind current and future building occupants. We convey appealing, sound, fit-for-purpose environments that add genuine worth through upgraded user wellbeing, decreased energy and regular resources request, improved execution or more all, higher market values.

With projects ranging from Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal and Domestic across the private and public sectors. GHP has an impeccable track record with a reputation for quality and professionalism.

As well as Architecture our experience and expertise in Town and Regional Planning, Project Management and Heritage Services add strength and depth to the practice keeping it and our clients ahead of the rest.

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