Understand the Difference between Planning and Building Permits

09 February 2022

When constructing buildings and structures, contractors must conduct a wide array of processes just to get everything done. Some processes that they would do include site inspections, transport of construction equipment and materials, the establishment of the foundation, placement of necessary construction materials, and the removal of excess materials.

But before these things can be done, contractors should obtain first all the needed permits for their projects. Generally, permits grant contractors the rights to conduct construction activities on-site, as long as they follow the guidelines and regulations of the state. They are often issued by authorities.

During a construction project, contractors should acquire two kinds of permits. These permits are planning and building permits. Here are some notable differences between the two.

Planning Permits

Planning permits are legal documents that grant contractors the use and development of specified land areas based on a state’s planning policies. Usually, these permits would include a set of plans and conditions that are required to be met to ensure the quality of the projects. Once approved by the governing bodies, the plans will then be endorsed by the council. Contractors, alternatively, can execute the plans accordingly. They are expected to divide land spaces, construct or alter a building, remove existing vegetation, and conduct other things based on the approved plans and conditions.

Usually, a planning permit must be obtained first before securing a building permit. However, both permits can be made and submitted at the same time. Now, even if a planning permit is approved, contractors still have to secure a building permit to make the whole project legal.

Building Permits

Building permits, alternatively, are legal documents that showcase contractors’ construction methods. These permits often assure that the involved buildings will be structurally safe and compliant to the set regulations of the authorities. They likewise ensure that the buildings will be built based on the construction standards outlined by the authorities. The approval of building permits relies heavily on the decision of a building surveyor.

The construction method that is present on a building permit should be done alongside the plans present on the approved planning permit and other relevant documentation. If not, then the building will be not safe for any purpose or function. The approval of a building permit ensures that the whole construction and relevant inspections will be conducted.

Acquire Permits

Some states do not require these permits. However, it would be better if the contractors will contact the authorities to avoid any violations. Failure to secure permits in some states, after all, can be risky.

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