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09 August 2022

Although they frequently interact with one another, architecture and construction are typically seen as two distinct but related sciences. This may be still the case with larger architectural companies. On the other hand, building, or at the very least construction management, is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the work for many smaller firms. If not the architect’s responsibility, then unquestionably that of the project manager, who is an equally vital component of the team.

The complexity inherent to the function of the project manager might make the responsibility appear insurmountable at times. Others might not want to delve “into the weeds” as much as you do while discussing the process, even if you might find it exhilarating to be a part of it all yourself. The following are some of the requirements that an architectural company has for a project manager that works for or with one of their firms.

Better Construction Site Administration

The project manager is responsible for helping to establish a construction site by coordinating equipment rentals, arranging for infrastructure needs such as water and electricity, supervising labour contracts, and establishing a quality control framework for the approval and inspection of construction and building projects. In addition to this, he or she will liaise with the providers of the building materials to ensure that sufficient supplies are easily accessible and will arrange the delivery of the items.

Improved Financial Control

A project manager is responsible for ensuring that all labourers, suppliers, and contractors are paid on schedule to prevent disruptions in the flow of work. This requires the manager to assume management of the project budget. Some businesses make the mistake of transferring money from one account into another to settle expenses but doing so just creates further complications and is possibly unlawful. At the very least, it represents poor stewardship of the available resources.

Stress-Free Project Completion

A competent project manager will maintain comprehensive records throughout the entirety of the planning and construction phases of the project. When the work on the project is finished, you should present the client with a comprehensive file of records pertaining to anything that has to do with the building. This should include the building’s construction, the materials that were used, inspection reports, permits, licencing, and any warranty information that the client should have.

Services Provided After Construction

The project manager can provide post-construction services because of the depth of his or her familiarity with the structure of the building and everything that was incorporated into it throughout the construction process. Make a recommendation for a maintenance schedule that takes into account the building’s unique characteristics, if any. For instance, if the flooring in the main lobby is marble, you should offer advice on how to maintain marble flooring.

No matter what industry they work in, project managers have their hands full with a variety of responsibilities. In the subject of architecture, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a wide variety of professionals, including designers, builders, marketers, and financial advisors, among others. You can count on one thing: you won’t waste any time being bored.

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