Top 5 Architectural Styles for Your Dream Home

25 January 2024

Architectural Styles

Discover GHP’s top 5 architectural styles for your dream home in Melbourne. Explore designs that suit your style and aspirations. Call (03) 9329 2611.

For many, building a dream home in Melbourne is a chance to create their ideal living space with a style that reflects their personality and tastes. With so many architectural designs to choose from, narrowing down the aesthetic for your aspiration abode can be overwhelming. To inspire your dream home vision, here are five of the top architectural styles to consider for a stunning Melbourne home.

Modern Contemporary Design

The modern contemporary style is marked by clean lines, large windows, open floor plans, and a seamless indoor/outdoor flow. This creates a light-filled, spacious atmosphere. Modern materials like metal, glass and concrete are commonly used. If you seek a contemporary look in Melbourne, opt for expansive windows and doors, high ceilings, and minimal decorative detailing. Neutral colours and textures keep the focus on the structure’s geometric shapes.

Mediterranean Design

Characterised by stucco walls, terracotta roof tiles, arches, and courtyards, Mediterranean architecture conjures idyllic seaside living. White-washed exteriors, French doors opening onto outdoor living spaces, and Juliet balconies evoke Spanish villas. Ironwork, wood accents and potted plants add warmth. Mediterranean homes feel inviting yet grand. For your Melbourne dream home, create an oasis with features like winding pathways through lush gardens.

Victorian Design

With intricate woodwork, vivid colours, and steep gables, Victorian architecture brings old-world charm. Decorative trim, bay windows, porches and turrets create visual interest. Inside, features like parquet floors, built-in bookshelves, ornate fireplaces, and high ceilings impress. For a touch of Victorian grandeur in Melbourne, opt for a vibrant palette, textured exteriors and statement light fittings. Don’t forget the dramatic entryway!

Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid-century modern style combines clean lines with vintage touches for retro appeal. Floor-to-ceiling windows, atrium spaces, open layouts and minimal adornment embody mid-century sensibilities. Mixed natural materials, breezy indoor-outdoor flow, and a neutral colour palette keep the focus on the architecture. For a Melbourne home with mid-century flair, incorporate stone and wood elements, breezeways, and an open yet defined layout.

Industrial Design

Industrial design uses exposed beams, piping, brick and concrete to lend an urban edge. Metallic and wooden finishes play up the structural bones of the building. Large warehouse-style windows and high ceilings enhance spaciousness. An industrial-style home in Melbourne might incorporate features like galvanised steel, sliding barn doors, and pendant lighting. Keep the colour scheme neutral while adding warmth through textures and comfy furnishings.

Whether you crave modern minimalism, old-world romance, mid-century cool or industrial edge, Melbourne offers the perfect backdrop for architecture that reflects your unique personality. Partnering with an architect and designer to incorporate special custom details will make your dream home vision a reality. With the right style and expert planning, you can create an inspiring space to nourish your spirit for years to come.

At GHP, we understand the significance of crafting a residential home that resonates with your dreams. Our seasoned architects, designers, and engineers bring a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence to every project.

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