The Significance of Drafting a Concept Plan in a Construction Project

28 March 2022

A construction project entails numerous phases for it to become successful. These phases are initiation, pre-construction, procurement, construction, and closeout.

All these phases are significant for the success of a project. But the project cannot start without conducting undergoing the initiation phase. The initiation phase involves activities that can determine the feasibility and overall plan of the project. One part of the initiation phase must deal with the feasibility of the project. This phase must likewise generate a schematic design that can be used for design development. Contract documents must also be produced during this phase.

One activity that must be done during this phase is the drafting of a concept plan. A concept plan takes into account all information gathered during a feasibility analysis so it can generate a forecast of the project’s development potential. Here are some more benefits of drafting a concept plan.

Coherent Goals

One of the benefits of drafting a concept plan is it can establish coherent goals betweenyou and involved experts. In a construction project, all its drawings are handled by architecture, engineering, and landscape consultants. And for a concept plan to be created, you must meet with your design team first to establish development intentions as well as iron out differences that often slow down the initiation phase. A concept plan makes sure that everyone will be on the same page once it has been drafted.

Reality Check

Another benefit of drafting a concept plan is to determine the viability of the proposed development. A construction project must undergo a series of steps just to make it successful. But its success may not be guaranteed if the proposed development does not fit the actual conditions and specifications of the land. By drafting a concept plan, it can draw the proposed development to scale through geospatial tools and prevent abrupt design changes in the future. It can also verify if it can fit the subject property or not.

Local Policies

Aside from establishing coherent goals and conducting reality checks, the creation of a concept plan can also help your project to be aligned with local policies. The area where your property will be located may possess policies that must be considered by your design team. Once everything is incorporated, local authorities may have to check your concept plan before proceeding with the project. The presence of a concept plan can benefit you as it allows your project to be fully verified by the local authorities.


One more benefit of drafting a concept plan is it can determine the estimated budget for your project. All costs associated with the construction project must be reasonable to avoid wasting any valuable resources. Some elements of the construction project that must be considered heavily during budget estimation are labour, materials, equipment pieces, and paperwork. Experts, however, can only estimate the costs of these elements once a concept plan has been drafted.

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