Architectural Concept Plans at GHP and How It Works

01 December 2022

We get a lot of queries regarding how to produce and develop an architectural design idea, as well as how to construct and justify a design response generally; as a […]

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Architectural Master Planning in the Construction Industry

21 November 2022

Planning and strategising are essential components of the architecture. Owners of businesses, architects, and those in charge of construction must collaborate right from the start of the design process to […]

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Improved Performance Through Advanced Construction Management Program

07 November 2022

The construction sector has a poor rate of profitability. Customers are more likely to be dissatisfied with consistent time and cost overruns. The protection and dissemination of industrial expertise is […]

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The Importance of Architecture in Modern Library Design

24 October 2022

Libraries are dynamic centres of information, activity, and technology that may be as aspirational in scale and design as they are in concept. We need to be familiar with the […]

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GHP’s Finest Construction Project Management

11 October 2022

There is a tradition of meticulous construction project management behind every building project that has been completed successfully. The implementation of this stringent procedure serves the objective of closely monitoring […]

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